Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ashley and Chris are Expecting!

Little Mason is due to arrive in October which will be very exciting for Chris and Ashley! He is their first child and Ashley has always wanted a little boy.
We did Ashley's maternity session at 28 weeks so she would be showing enough to be able to wrap her up in fabrics that flowed around her growing belly. We like to schedule sessions about 27-29 weeks into a pregnancy so it is good to plan to schedule your session in advance so we can get you on the books.

The shoot was fun and casual with lots of laughter and moving around the apartment to get the right afternoon light.

We were able to hold the session at Ashley and Chris' place since they had lots of room and it would allow us a place to get our mom-to-be changed and into new outfits quickly.

The shoot lasted a couple of hours with breaks in between to reset the home studio and figure out which outfits we wanted to use.

We had some fun poses with jeans and a simple white tank top pulled up around the belly.

We also had some more elegant fabrics in which to wrap Ashley that flowed down around her body and belly to create long, lean looks with beauty and elegance.

Our soft lighting was perfect for the shoot too!

Congratulations Ashley and Chris on your newest addition (already named Mason Christopher)!

Call (808) 264-5226 if you are interested in rates or booking a maternity session. Gift certificates are available! A photo session makes a great baby shower gift!

A hui hou,

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hot Dog! The 2009 Maui Humane Society's Bark in the Park is Hot!

The 2009 fundraiser for the Maui Humane Society aptly named "Bark in Da Park", was held on August 15th at Kalama Park in Kihei on Maui. I donated my services to photograph the event for the Maui Humane Society for the day and it was a blast!

It was a hot day and the dogs welcomed the multiple dog pools around the event as well as the hose with the mister which was a big hit!

Some of the highlights of the event were a Walk for the Animals, training demonstrations by Ohana Pet Training, Sit Means Sit, games, chair massages, delicious food, live music, a Dog/Owner look alike contest, incredible face painting by Rachel Deboer, an MHS alumni photo, free photo sessions by the ocean generously donated by JMC Photography and, of course, dog pools!

Many thanks to all of the hard working volunteers who came out to support the event for many hours in the sun. It was a huge success thanks to you!

Did I see you? Images from the event are posted here:

Please consider adopting your next furry friend from a humane society near you!

A hui hou,


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Maui Portraits - Family Fun with the Kartsens!

Last week I received a last minute request from a wonderful family from Texas wondering if we could do a photo session the next night at sunset. Their request was simple- "We love casual, creative, and a bit funky and unique." I think I can do that! This is a photographer's dream client!
We chose Po'olenalena Beach down in Makena,which is simply stunning as a backdrop. So after a few warm up poses walking up and down the beach as a family, we played at creating a variety of images that were a joy to shoot and fun for the family.

It is also always my goal to try and capture natural personalities and poses throughout the session. One of ways I do this is by asking questions about my subjects during the session.

For example, the Karsten's daughter is a ballet dancer and so she pirouetted in the sunset as the gentle waves rolled in around her. It took a few takes to get this one just right with the waves and the spin but we had fun doing it.
The oldest son plays guitar so we had him jump and do a cool air guitar move midair. Totally fun!
The youngest son didn't need any prompting as you can see from the shots we took of him, he just had a blast just being himself at 7!

And of course we took the ever popular "face breaks" throughout the shoot to give the smiles a rest, have some fun and be able to make a great outtake video after the photo session!

The Karstens had a ton of great ideas for poses they had always wanted to do in addition to traditional poses and some new ones we came up with on site. Creative spontaneity at its best!

Cheers to all my clients who love to get creative (i.e. sandy) and have lots of fun at their photo shoots! Thanks guys!! You're the best!!!
A hui hou,


Monday, August 10, 2009

Maui Honeymoon Photographer - Gwen & Ray!

I had the pleasure last week of photographing a happy newlywed couple from Waukegan, Illinois named Gwen and Ray who were not only celebrating their marriage but also visiting Maui for the first time.

We headed to Kapalua Bay which is oftentimes idyllic for photo shoots in the morning and at sunset.

It has a wonderful grove of coconut trees which serve as a scenic backdrop just above the beach.

Gwen and Ray wanted some formal photos as well as some candids so we had some fun getting creative all around Kapalua Bay.
They even decided to literally jump in with both feet and get wet in the ocean at the end of the
shoot, having a water fight and then posing together lying down just at the water's edge.
We even had the blessing of a rare visit by an endangered Hawaiian Monk Seal who was fishing for eels and playing in the bay just after sunset. Just as we finished our photo session, the seal came up onto the beach and settled under some trees in a protected cove on the beach. How amazing!

Most of the time, Gwen and Ray were laughing together which made it totally fun to shoot from my perspective and entertaining for everyone! I am so glad they chose me to photograph their first few days together as husband and wife. All the best to the two of you!

Congratulations to Gwen and Ray! Safe travels home and we will see you on your next visit to Maui!

A hui hou,

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Maui Baby Photography - Babes

Photographing newborns to three month old babies and their parents has been a fun new way for me to expand my photography services.

I have had the good fortune of getting beautiful babies and their parents share some time with me and allow me to capture some of the first moments together outside the hospital.
We set up a home studio in each location at the convenience of the parents so they can stay at home with their newborns vs going to an outside studio for portraits.
We take breaks to allow for feeding, changing and naps as needed.
The newborn photo sessions are fun, meaningful and capture a very special time in the lives of new parents and their little ones.
This part of the business has been such a joy to grow! I truly enjoy watching my youngest clients grow up!
We do our best to capture the baby's developing personality as well as their tender relationship with their parents.
I never get tired of seeing the little feet in hands and the details like the mother's wedding ring in the image. We try and use one hand from the father, one hand from the mother and the baby's feet in the middle. It is a more challenging pose than you think!
I am eternally grateful to everyone who has helped me build my business and share both time and space in their homes to host a home studio for the sessions.
Newborn Tom was a blue eyed gem and a model baby to photograph. We photographed him first when he was 3 1/2 months old and able to push himself up. his blue eyes focused on the camera incredibly well and we had a great time laughing with him and his proud parents over the course of the 90 minute session. He is sure to be a male model!
We are trying a few new poses as well, depending on the size of the newborn, the available props we have in stock and client props or clothing.
Hats are always fun on newborns as well as flowers, cute toys and blankets. I aim for simple imagery that allows the baby to be the focus of the shot and possibly a glimpse into what the future may hold for the baby if I am lucky.
I am humbled you all like your images and am honored to have had the opportunity to meet your newest member of your families.

Please call or email to inquire about pricing and to schedule a booking (808) 264-5226

A hui hou,