Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ka'anapali Maui Wedding Photographer - Megan & Jordan Marry Hawaiian Style

Day 1:
In the predawn hours, our bride and groom, Megan and Jordan arrived on the beach to welcome the day with Makalapua Kanuha officiating the Ola Hou ceremony. After calling with the puu (conch) shell, Trilogy Excursions pulled up on the beach to load our private charter for the purification ceremony.
Our couple boarded the private charter to enjoy the beginning of their day.

As we waited for the sun to peek above the West Maui Mountains, we had a moment to enjoy the quiet dawn hour.
When the sun made its way into the sky, Makalapua chanted the traditional Hawaiian chant, "E Ala E" to welcome the day.
Makalapua then asked the couple to enter the ocean together and stay until they were ready to come out.
Trilogy has famous cinnamon buns- I just could not resist putting this shot in here. Yum!
Once the couple was ready to come out of the ocean, they were wrapped in a traditional kapa cloth printed by hand by Makalapua and the couple.
And then it off off to Day 2:
Jordan and Megan decided to make their destination wedding a traditional Hawaiian ceremony. From the purification ceremony at dawn the day prior out on Trilogy Excursions, to classes in flower lei making and the making of a custom kapa cloth to encircle their new family, the couple and Kaanapali Beach Hotel staff made sure not to skip a detail in their nuptials. Even the cake was amazing surrounded by shells made of white chocolate!! Yum! And so, in a circle of tropical flowers and surrounded by tiki torches, Megan and Jordan tied the knot on Maui! There were many elements that were unique to the two day wedding coverage, it was difficult to pick images to tell the story.
We had a nearly perfect sunset at Kaanapali and we were able to catch a few moments with the couple and their two children to enjoy the moment. Their hands with their rings in the sand is one of my favorite images from the session details.
Using the golden hour just prior to the sun setting, the couple graciously allowed us to photograph them as the sun set perfectly into the ocean behind them.
The couple's daughter signed the marriage license as one of the witnesses with Makalapua Kanuha officiating the ceremony. Once the couple was wrapped in their custom made kapa cloth representing their family, they shared a quiet moment together. Even the bouquet was unique! It was made of a king protea flower in the center surrounded by roses and reeds. Spectacular!The ocean front Naupaka Lawn at the Kaanapali Beach Hotel is a perfectly beautiful spot to get married looking out on scenic Black Rock where cliff divers dive each night at sunset after lighting the torches to the end of the point.
Many thanks to Nicole Angel my terrific assistant and lighting tech and to our fabulous second shooter for the wedding, Matt Alvarado who is an incredible wedding photographer himself. We were honored to be working with you again.
Congratulations Megan and Jordan! Thank you for the opportunity to capture your wedding on Maui.

A hui hou,

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wailea Maui Wedding Photographer - Maria & Kevin are Hitched (with pictures)!

Maria and Kevin have tied the knot!
When Maria and Kevin got married in at Baby Beach in Lahaina recently, they had someone take photos with a little camera that wasn't quite up for the task with the challenging lighting. About that time I was looking for a couple who were willing to be models during a lighting training session for another photographer and heard about Maria and Kevin from one of my favorite ministers, Pia Aluli. I called Maria and offered to retake their wedding photos so they would have something more fun and romantic to remember their special day.

I couldn't have asked for a more wonderful couple of models for a sunset session in Makena. We tried to go to Paipu Beach and it was really windy, so we stayed at the north end of Chang's beach which is right next door and a bit more tucked from the wind. We were able to get some terrific shots of the couple in a short period of time as the sun set behind them.

The evening light provided a great opportunity for us to work with the couple using off camera lights and various angles to capture the couple as they begin their journey together as husband and wife.

So cheers to Maria and Kevin! All the best to both of you for a wonderful life together!

Maui Portraits - Portraits at Baby Beach in Lahaina

Having clients who want to get creative is always fun for me. When I got the call from a client from New Jersey who was coming to Maui with her family, we instantly hit it off and when it came to family portraits, we had a blast! It was raining at the beach where we initially wanted to go near the client's hotel, so we headed down to Baby Beach in Lahaina which is very scenic and calm with rows of palm trees and a view of the boats in Lahaina harbor.
The kids were terrific and I actually had a hard time choosing which image to post on the blog because there were so many fun ones from which to choose. I selected this one because the young brother had so much fun during "Strike a Pose" series.
The parents loved to goof around, esp when the camera was on them, and this was a pose they recreated from their wedding day that just looked terrific with the clouds and the sunset in the background during the "Strike a Pose" series. they also had the idea above to skip down the beach together holding hands which is not that easy when you have different heights.
So many thanks to all of my wonderful clients who love to laugh, have fun and get creative during their photo sessions. It makes my work even more enjoyable!
The "pig pile" was one of the requested images and it is always a great shot for your desktop computer! You might be a little sandy afterwards but it usually brushes right off!

Establishing rapport with clients is important for every photo session. We can work wonders in an hour portrait session if we get to know you better and have your help in getting creative. One of my mentors calls it "a collaboration" between the photographer and the client.

Thanks for your smiles guys! See you next year!

A hui hou,

Friday, April 2, 2010

A Year of Living Musically

What a year it has been for me in terms of music photography!
When I was given the opportunity to shoot the concerts at the Maui Arts and Cultural Center, I was delighted to say the least. I get to do what I love and listen to great music while I work (with ear plugs in-hee hee!). It has been an incredible year for concerts at the MACC. Our little tropical island has hosted musical legends including Sheryl Crow, Steve Miller, Jimmy Buffet, Journey, Aerosmith, Loggins and Messina, Pablo Cruise, John Legend, Michael McDonald and Boz Scaggs. And local musical legends including Willie K, Eric Gilliom, Richard Ho'opi'i, Ryan Kamaka Fernandez, Jeff Peterson, Vince Esquire and Makana just to name a few.

Richard Ho'opi'i
Ryan Kamaka Fernandez
Roy Sakuma
The MACC also hosted the annual Ukulele Festival as well as the Slack Key Guitar Festival making it a well- rounded year for all types of music lovers.
Hula at the MACC

Jeff Peterson
Anthony Natividad on traditional Hawaiian nose flute

Aerosmith's Joe Perry

Vince Esquire

Aerosmith's Steven Tyler

The Beach Boys

Boz Scaggs

Michael McDonald

John Legend

John Legend

Eric Gilliom
I love my job with the MACC and can't wait to go to work- you can only imagine how fun the office is! Thanks to Art, Candy, Steve, Mick, Launa, both Lisas, Teri, Toni, Karen, Barbara, Karee and the entire hard working crew at the MACC for welcoming me to the team and making my job exciting every day!
Next up: Sammy Hagar, the Red Rocker at the MACC on April 9, 2010. Tickets available at (808) 242-SHOW or log onto
To music lovers everywhere!

Hooray for colorful rays of color!

Here is one answer to the inevitable question of what to wear for your photo shoot. Everyone thinks they have to wear white and khaki for their photo sessions.

Here's one example of going with color instead of white. I welcomed the Ray family to Maui with a photo session at Kapalua Bay during Spring Break and they wanted to wear bright colors. Hooray hooray!
Colors look great against the tropical background and compliment people's skin tones, eyes, and hair colors. Young children always look great in bright colors and subtle or simple patterns. I usually recommend wearing colors that match people's eyes or hair OR colors/outfits that people always get compliments on. If you have a favorite outfit, or jewelry that compliments you, wear it. If you feel good in what you are wearing, it will show in the photos and you will have great results. If you are fussing with your clothes the whole session, it will also show.

We usually have our clients walking, standing, sitting on the beach and grass as well as jumping (if they want). So, it is best to wear loose fitting clothing and clothing that won't blow up with the wind or not allow you to sit down comfortably like short skirts or dresses.

In terms of patterns, stripes and polka dots don't usually translate well in pictures so it is good to avoid those. Many times, clients decide to bring a change of clothes for their photo session which is also an option.

So cheers to color!!

A hui hou,