Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Maui Portraits - Portraits at Baby Beach in Lahaina

Having clients who want to get creative is always fun for me. When I got the call from a client from New Jersey who was coming to Maui with her family, we instantly hit it off and when it came to family portraits, we had a blast! It was raining at the beach where we initially wanted to go near the client's hotel, so we headed down to Baby Beach in Lahaina which is very scenic and calm with rows of palm trees and a view of the boats in Lahaina harbor.
The kids were terrific and I actually had a hard time choosing which image to post on the blog because there were so many fun ones from which to choose. I selected this one because the young brother had so much fun during "Strike a Pose" series.
The parents loved to goof around, esp when the camera was on them, and this was a pose they recreated from their wedding day that just looked terrific with the clouds and the sunset in the background during the "Strike a Pose" series. they also had the idea above to skip down the beach together holding hands which is not that easy when you have different heights.
So many thanks to all of my wonderful clients who love to laugh, have fun and get creative during their photo sessions. It makes my work even more enjoyable!
The "pig pile" was one of the requested images and it is always a great shot for your desktop computer! You might be a little sandy afterwards but it usually brushes right off!

Establishing rapport with clients is important for every photo session. We can work wonders in an hour portrait session if we get to know you better and have your help in getting creative. One of my mentors calls it "a collaboration" between the photographer and the client.

Thanks for your smiles guys! See you next year!

A hui hou,

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