Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ka'anapali Maui Wedding Photographer - Megan & Jordan Marry Hawaiian Style

Day 1:
In the predawn hours, our bride and groom, Megan and Jordan arrived on the beach to welcome the day with Makalapua Kanuha officiating the Ola Hou ceremony. After calling with the puu (conch) shell, Trilogy Excursions pulled up on the beach to load our private charter for the purification ceremony.
Our couple boarded the private charter to enjoy the beginning of their day.

As we waited for the sun to peek above the West Maui Mountains, we had a moment to enjoy the quiet dawn hour.
When the sun made its way into the sky, Makalapua chanted the traditional Hawaiian chant, "E Ala E" to welcome the day.
Makalapua then asked the couple to enter the ocean together and stay until they were ready to come out.
Trilogy has famous cinnamon buns- I just could not resist putting this shot in here. Yum!
Once the couple was ready to come out of the ocean, they were wrapped in a traditional kapa cloth printed by hand by Makalapua and the couple.
And then it off off to Day 2:
Jordan and Megan decided to make their destination wedding a traditional Hawaiian ceremony. From the purification ceremony at dawn the day prior out on Trilogy Excursions, to classes in flower lei making and the making of a custom kapa cloth to encircle their new family, the couple and Kaanapali Beach Hotel staff made sure not to skip a detail in their nuptials. Even the cake was amazing surrounded by shells made of white chocolate!! Yum! And so, in a circle of tropical flowers and surrounded by tiki torches, Megan and Jordan tied the knot on Maui! There were many elements that were unique to the two day wedding coverage, it was difficult to pick images to tell the story.
We had a nearly perfect sunset at Kaanapali and we were able to catch a few moments with the couple and their two children to enjoy the moment. Their hands with their rings in the sand is one of my favorite images from the session details.
Using the golden hour just prior to the sun setting, the couple graciously allowed us to photograph them as the sun set perfectly into the ocean behind them.
The couple's daughter signed the marriage license as one of the witnesses with Makalapua Kanuha officiating the ceremony. Once the couple was wrapped in their custom made kapa cloth representing their family, they shared a quiet moment together. Even the bouquet was unique! It was made of a king protea flower in the center surrounded by roses and reeds. Spectacular!The ocean front Naupaka Lawn at the Kaanapali Beach Hotel is a perfectly beautiful spot to get married looking out on scenic Black Rock where cliff divers dive each night at sunset after lighting the torches to the end of the point.
Many thanks to Nicole Angel my terrific assistant and lighting tech and to our fabulous second shooter for the wedding, Matt Alvarado who is an incredible wedding photographer himself. We were honored to be working with you again.
Congratulations Megan and Jordan! Thank you for the opportunity to capture your wedding on Maui.

A hui hou,

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