Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Maui Photo Festival 2009

Well, we finally did it!

Thanks to a huge amount of work by a dedicated team of people from Maui and across the country, Maui hosted the first Maui Photo Festival which was an enormous success! Thanks to Zane and Beth Mathias, Barbara Santos and Terrie Eliker for all of their hard work!
The Hyatt Kaanapali hosted the event, providing a beautiful backdrop and much inspiration for imagery for photographers from Hawaii and all over the mainland. Hundreds of photographers, both professional and amateur, joined the fun, meeting world renowned photographers representing Nikon and Canon from multiple industries. We had professional fashion, wedding, wildlife, photo journalism, military, travel, underwater, shorebreak, nature, portrait, landscape, studio, natural light and aerial combat photographers from all over the country sharing their expertise with us for 5 days. Some of the best included fashion photographer, Lou Freeman (, National Geographic photographer, Jim Sugar, nature photographer, Scott Bourne (, travel photographers, Rick Sammon ( and Andy Katz (, portrait photographers Judy Host ( and Jack Resnicki (, photojournalist, Eli Reed (, military and aerial combat photographers Stacy Pearsall and Andy Dunaway (, wedding photographer, Dane Sanders ( and many more!We also had the honor of hosting several technical experts as well to help us fine tune our creations. Lori Barbely, Island Magazine photo editor ( was on hand to review our portfolios. The uber rockstar, Russell Preston Brown, Adobe Systems senior creative director put a show the first day highlighting the power of Photoshop called "The Pirate Project". The ever-popular, Julieanne Kost from Adobe, and Eddie Tapp (, took everyone through the secrets to great editing in any Adobe product.

Local pros like Maui fine art photographer, Randy Jay Braun ( Maui boy and international underwater photographer, David Fleetham ( and the hottest new wave photographer from Oahu, Clark Little (, were on hand to provide us with a sense of place along with sharing their incredible talents. We had a fantastic sunrise session with Clark Little and sunset session with Randy Jay Braun who shared his technique of photographing the art of hula dancers.
We started at sunrise every day for special golden hour sunrise photography sessions and finished well after dark at the Paradise Cinema, listening intently to every word from our experts. We could experience photography on a doors-off helicopter tour, underwater or up at Haleakala Crater.

So, if you missed it, next year's dates are August 25-29, 2010 on Maui. Register at See you next year!

A hui hou,

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