Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Lara Jade Lighting Workshop comes to Maui

Aren't we lucky! One of London's hottest fashion photographers, Lara Jade, hosted a Lighting Workshop on Maui that was fantastic and filled with amazing imagery to shoot. Here is a peek at what we did over the weekend.
The lovely model Uilani Davis below on Day 1. First image above is of model Brittney Baker. 

Lara is a super talented young fashion photographer (only 21yrs old!) with a great head on her shoulders and a wonderfully warm and positive attitude to go with it. 
 Below is the lovely Lara Jade. 
Model Brittney Baker below in all 3 shots....

Brittney Baker and Valerie Wessel below at sunset at Hookipa. 
She's amazing with models and has great vision for shoots. She recently moved to the Big Apple of New York City and is getting snapped up for fashion shoots all over the world. We were so fortunate to have a chance to work with her! 
Hair (Day 2) was by Ry-n (above in rock star mode on location). 
I am honored to have been a part of the two day shoot and workshop with beautiful models, stylists, hair stylists and only a dozen fellow photographers from around the country. It was a small enough group to have constant contact with Lara and to ask questions as well as share information as pros. 

Lara Jade Workshop was organized by Matt Alvarado and Lara Jade
MUA Kahulani 
Hair Day 2 by Ry-n
Stylist/Fashion Producer Polly Cocilobo 
Models: Brittney Baker, Uilani Davis, Valerie Wessel.

Back to shooting...


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