Thursday, December 10, 2009

JAWS (Peahi) Big Swell Dec 8th

This week was magnificent for big waves and expert surfers on Maui doing their best to ride some huge waves into the north shore surf spot known as JAWS or Peahi. My spot was below. The surfers are riding the waves almost as far out as you can see. I wish I had a long lens to really get into the waves but I did the best I could with what I had.
Photographers with all types of cameras and onlookers lined the cliffs and perched in the trees above the surf spot for several days this week transfixed as big wave surfers got towed into huge waves by jet skies as if they were water skiing.

The surfers let go of the rope from the jet ski when they are ready to ride down the face and as the wave thunders towards the shore. Helicopters buzzed overhead constantly capturing images of the surfers and the crowds gathered with cameras mounted on the front of the aircraft.
It's just incredible to see the tremendous strength and power it takes this talented group of big wave surfers to take the ride of their lives down the enormous faces of these waves.
The bailouts and wipeouts were just as spectacular and scary.

These guys are amazing!

To the next winter storm that brings a huge swell,


  1. These look great just on the gorgeous color of the water. You really needed that 600mm f/4 didn't you :lol: