Friday, December 25, 2009

Maui Engagement Photographer - Surprise proposal Chris & Emily!

My congratulations go out to Emily and Chris who got engaged on Maui in a surprise from the groom. I received a call from a woman a few weeks ago asking for my help with a special beach proposal that had to be perfect. She was the cousin of the bride the be and working with the groom to be to plan the perfect proposal on Maui.

Chris, the groom-to-be, chose a beautiful south side beach where he would have some privacy and a spectacular view of the sunset, and we were off and running.

Chris had planned to propose but they had talked about an engagement in about a year. Emily had no idea Chris was planning and plotting all along to arrange for everything to be perfect for his engagement.

I got the job of paparazzi for the evening which is an extremely challenging job on a beach.

The big challenge for me was that Chris wanted to have photos of the proposal but not have Emily know anyone was taking photos of them. So, I invited one of my amazing interns to pose as a "model" for me while I shot the entire photo session proposal over her shoulder.

I found out later that Emily works with movie stars on a regular basis and she was SURE that I was paparazzi.
Chris vehemently denied anyone was taking photos of them walking down the beach and just laughed it off.

Chris finally chose a spot on the beach an gave me the signal that he was about to propose. Emily said YES!! Magic was in the air for the rest of the evening.

We captured some wonderful images of a very special night for the couple and I am thrilled for Emily and Chris! Congratulations you two!
Best wishes and all the best in 2010!


  1. Great shots!! That must've been hard!! But you did a fantastic job!

  2. I am Emily's Mom and I love these amazing photos!