Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Creativity Rocks!

Happy New Year everyone!
One of my recent portraits shoots involved a wonderful family who has visited Maui for years but has never been truly happy with their photo sessions.
They felt their photos had been too posed and wanted to change it up. They really wanted something fun and creative for their images. That is where I came in.

We went down to a beautiful beach on the south side of Maui and got things rolling right off the bat with some fun poses to loosen everyone up.
Laughter abounded in a short period of time and we were off and running. The kids had fun goofing around in their sunglasses and the parents and grandparents jumped at the chance to have some fun with the kids.
I love these types of photo sessions because it allows me to be creative and my subjects to have fun. The beach was a perfect spot to allow the kids to run around and explore while the parents had a chance to get some romantic shots in. In the end, everyone was laughing and we had a great time looking back through the photos.
As we were leaving the beach, the client told me it was the best experience he has had with a photographer in 10 years. Music to my ears!
They chose the image below for their Christmas card because they thought it was so "cool." I love my job and my clients!
A hui hou,

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  1. Great images, I'm sure they're a hit with your client. Don't even need to see the ones from their previous trips to know that they'll love this much, much more.

    Well done, Aubrey.